Our Story

EarlyGrow was established in 2012, with a goal to design and manufacture quality, long-lasting products to make it easier for you to grow. We believe in creating sustainable growing environments for everyone, no matter what space you have. But you have to start somewhere, and most of you (not all of you) will start with a propagator. Whether you’re sowing from seeds or growing from cuttings.

The seeds were first sown for EarlyGrow after many propagators and trips to the garden centre, we realised enough was enough and someone had to make a truly long-lasting propagator. We didn’t want cracked, broken or cloudy lids and flimsy, or distorted trays. We wanted something that was robust, would last years and also looked good on windowsill or kitchen counter.

Roll on 10 years later and here we are, with robust and durable injection moulded propagators with sturdy trays and shatterproof AND crystal clear lids. Not only that, but we offer heated, unheated, self-watering and height extendable propagators so you can truly grow your own, from home.

We’re only small, but we’re still growing.