Welcome to EarlyGrow

We're on a mission to make growing easily available to everyone by providing simple solutions to grow anywhere at anytime.

What is EarlyGrow?

EarlyGrow is a brand created from a simple concept, propagation. We aren't anything new and we haven't re-invented the wheel, but for those of you who don't know, propagators allow you to grow plants in colder environments under more control. They're great for starting things like chilli peppers during the winter where you can then move them into deeper pots once they've grown a little and the weather begins to be more suitable for them to go outside.

We also realised that propagators are ideal for people who have limited space as they aren't overly big and can sit on windowsill's (what do you actually put on your windowsill's currently?) and other like-minded spaces. All of you who live in a city and think you don't have the space, well, now you do.

Furthermore, our heated propagators means you can control the growth of your propagators. Likewise, our self-watering propagators mean you can leave your plants for days without intervention as they slowly take up water from the capillary mat and tray provided.

What are we doing now?

We're currently working on our range of seed kits as we feel it is important to push such products to younger consumers as ultimately they are the future of growing. We want to show you that growing can be challenging, fun and rewarding.

In the long run, you'll save a few pennies too!

The Environment

We provide our products in recyclable white or brown craft boxes and/or clear polypropylene bags. We do try to limit the amount of packaging we use and the carbon footprint of our products. The products themselves are also designed to last many years due to the material properties (e.g. shatterproof).

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